What Are the Limitations of Strings?

Strings / Mini Threads in Denver, CO | Timeless Laser

Introduction Selecting the right provider for Strings/Mini Threads treatments in Denver, CO, requires careful consideration of the practitioner’s experience, expertise, and client reviews. PDO and PLLA thread treatments offer subtle skin tightening and lift, advancing aesthetic medicine, but understanding their limitations is crucial. Let’s dive into the finer points of Strings/Mini Threads in Denver, highlighting […]

How Many Sessions Are Recommended for Dynamic Duo?

Dynamic Duo-Marissa Parchman- Denver

Introduction The Dynamic Duo treatment is gaining popularity as a comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution. This dual-action treatment addresses various skin issues by combining the benefits of microneedling and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Let’s look into the efficacy of the Dynamic Duo treatment and how many sessions are typically recommended to achieve optimal results. Understanding the […]

What is the mechanism of action of neurotoxins?


Neurotoxins have emerged as a popular and effective solution for providing solutions having radiant skin. At Timeless Laser Medical Spa, we understand the science behind these treatments and how they can dramatically rejuvenate your appearance. Let’s check how neurotoxins work and their transformative effects. But before that, let’s know about neurotoxins and the treatment itself.  The […]

What are the Key Differences Between Microblading and Traditional Eyebrow Tattoos?

Microblading by Marissa Parchman LLC in N Speer Blvd #11 Denver CO

The eyebrows must be one of the cleanest and most defined facial parts for most. That’s why several results in eyebrow pens and gels are permanent. Good thing a method that gives results that stays longer exists! If you need this, Microblading is the answer.  What is Microblading for Eyebrows? Microblading is a cosmetic procedure […]

Wedding Prep With Our Pro

Weddings Prep with our pro team | timeless laser in Denver CO

Working your wedding budget is more than just figuring out catering- and feeling your best on the big day is a huge part of the magic! So how do you incorporate selfcare and skincare into your prenuptial plans? We connected with our newly married skincare expert Bailey to chat through her wedding skincare timeline over […]

Welcome to our Timeless Takeover-The Good, Bad & Ugly of Laser Hair Removal

Women on beach | Timeless Laser Medical Spa And Aesthetics in Denver CO

Where do we start? There are so many questions to be answered. So many thoughts and experiences to be shared. There are new technologies, modalities and machines coming out every day. Celebrities are being paid to promote “magic creams” and your favorite social media influencers are tearing down your go-to drugstore cleanser in their latest […]

Gifts Under $50: Skincare Must-Haves on a Budget

Skincare Must Haves on a Budget | Timeless Laser Medical Spa And Aesthetics in Denver CO

All we want for Christmas is an unlimited skincare budget, but we can manage without one because you don’t have to be a bajillionaire to gift this season! We browsed so you don’t have to- and all of these picks are fully Timeless approved. EMINENCE ORGANICS Stone Crop Gel Wash PRICE: $48 One of our […]

Gifts for the Guys

Gifts for the Guys | Timeless Laser Medical Spa And Aesthetics in Denver CO

Put a finger down if you’ve ever had to solve a riddle to figure out what your husband wants for Christmas. Put a finger down if that same husband then buys himself everything on Amazon in the days leading up to it… We know the guys can be a challenge to shop for- husbands, boyfriends, […]

Your Guide to Treatment Plans

Your Guide To Treatment Plan | Timeless Laser Medical Spa And Aesthetics in Denver CO

We know new years resolutions are out – but give us a chance to manifest our goals and we’re IN. When it comes to skincare related goals, there’s one thing we know for sure: enlist an expert. Lucky for you, Timeless Laser is a whole team of them. Here’s what you need to know when […]

5 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

Essential Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Your Wedding Day | Timeless Laser Medical Spa And Aesthetics in Denver CO

Are you getting ready for your big day? Preparing your skin for your wedding day should be just as important as finding the perfect dress. With the right skincare routine and treatment plan, you can look and feel your best on your special day. Our Wedding Prep Essentials 1. DON’T FORGET SKINCARE Whether you’re a […]

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