Laser Hair Removal in Denver, CO

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, a revolutionary procedure, offers a state-of-the-art solution for achieving long-lasting smoothness. At Timeless Laser in Denver, CO, we proudly present Venus Velocity, an advanced diode laser at the forefront of hair reduction technology. This innovative device incorporates an ice-cold plate to cool the skin’s surface during treatment, enabling us to provide faster sessions than older laser devices. 

Laser Hair Removal in Denver, CO

Marketed as one of the most comfortable options available, the Venus Velocity often results in minimal discomfort, according to our satisfied clients. This technology is well-suited for various skin types and can be administered even after limited sun exposure. Operating on the same principle as the Soprano Ice laser, the Venus Velocity employs perfectly crafted technology to ensure a virtually painless experience. Our recommended treatment plan involves 6 to 10 sessions within the first 12 months to attain optimal and impressive results. 

Over several years, thousands of clients have undergone this treatment regimen, reporting remarkable success. Adhering to our experts’ prescribed treatment schedule is essential, as prolonged gaps between sessions can significantly impact the long-term outcome. As a testament to our commitment, our laser hair removal packages come with no expiration date, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our clients. This treatment caters to various body areas. Laser hair removal can precisely target unwanted hair, whether it’s facial hair, legs, underarms, or any other desired area. Are you ready to experience effortlessly smooth skin? Book your consultation at Timeless Laser today and experience the innovation of Venus Velocity firsthand.


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  • 6 Treatments 30% OFF
  • 9 Treatments 40% OFF
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Pricing Per Treatment

  • Areolas, Cheeks, Happy trail, Sideburns, Toes $75
  • Arms, Chest, Man's Brazilian Extended, Back(half) $250
  • Arms-half $200
  • Back(full), Chest & Stomach $375
  • Bikini Line $135
  • Brazilian $155
  • Brazilian Extended $185
  • Chin, Ears, Lip, Widows Peak, Nose $50
  • Face(half), Front of thighs, Head(half) $175
  • Feet, Buttocks $125
  • Man's full body $1100
  • Woman's full body $900
  • Glabella (between brows) $60
  • Hands $100
  • Legs- Full $350
  • Legs(half), Face(full), Neck(full), Stomach, Head $225
  • Neck(half), Shoulders, Underarms $150

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the Venus Velocity technology is safe for most skin types.

Thanks to innovative technology, sessions are faster and more efficient, taking less time than older devices.

Most clients report minimal discomfort, as the ice-cold plate on the Venus Velocity enhances comfort during treatment.

While individual responses vary, many clients notice results after a few sessions.

We recommend 6 to 10 sessions within the first year for the best outcome.

Yes, the achieved smoothness can last significantly longer than traditional methods with proper adherence to the treatment plan.

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