Microblading in Denver, CO


Microblading is a beauty treatment that has gained tremendous popularity over the past decade. This technique has transformed how we enhance our natural beauty and address common eyebrow issues. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing, microblading does not involve mapping during consultations. 

Microblading in Denver, CO

This fast-growing trend has become increasingly widespread, making skill, experience, and an artistic eye the differentiating factors in achieving outstanding results. At its core, microblading involves using aesthetic tattoo ink to create precise, delicate strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. This meticulous approach allows for the creation of perfectly shaped and textured brows. The highly versatile treatment can address many concerns, from thinning or patchy eyebrows to desiring a darker, more defined brow. It’s suitable for individuals who want to minimize their daily makeup routine and boost their confidence with enhanced brows.
Results from microblading can be seen shortly after the treatment, as the brows’ initial appearance is evident immediately. However, it’s important to note that the full healing process takes time. The effects of microblading can last for a significant period, often requiring a touch-up after about a year to maintain the best results. Enhance your eyebrows at Timeless Laser in Denver, CO. With years of experience, our skilled technician, Erica, has perfected this art form to bring out your natural beauty. Take advantage of the opportunity to simplify your beauty routine and achieve stunning brows that last. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and embrace an effortlessly beautiful eyebrow.


  • Includes 6 week follow-up $700
  • Touch up (recommended yearly) $350

Benefits of Microblading:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Discomfort is minimized with the use of topical numbing creams during the procedure.

While initial results are visible immediately, the full healing process takes about six weeks.

A touch-up is recommended approximately once a year to maintain the best results.

Microblading suits most individuals, but a consultation can determine eligibility.

There might be slight redness or swelling initially, but it usually subsides quickly.

Avoid alcohol and certain medications, and consult your technician for specific guidelines.

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