Microblade Pre & Post Care



Setting your expectation:

  • It is important to remember that with any permanent makeup procedure, everyone is unique and each client’s skin will take and react to the pigment and process slightly different.
  • It is extremely important to wait until the full healing process has completed before determining any sort of touchup needed.

The first follow-up is recommended 6 weeks after your Initial appointment. This is to allow the pigment to fully heal and develop the color it will be permanently. The initial healing process takes the full 6 weeks to heal all layers of the skin. We suggest giving you wait that full time to heal before making any decisions about your follow-up. It is important to focus on caring properly for your skin and healing your new tattoo. You must give your body time to really let the tattoo adjust properly and settle. You will be much happier with the results in the long run.

Following your Appointment:

  • For 24 hours DO NOT: wet, touch, sweat or expose any moisture or steam to the procedure area.

  • It is important to consider your brows an open wound and to not let any germs come into contact with them including but not limited to: sunglasses, hair, hats, cellphones or dirty hands.

  • After 24 hours your brows will have oxidized and may appear very dark. Do not panic as this is part of the healing process and is not the end result.

  • During the entire healing process the treated area may experience the following symptoms:

    • Scabbing

    • Flaking

    • Tenderness

    • Dryness and itching

    • Swelling

    • Redness

If you are feeling less than 100% healthy it may take longer for your treatment to heal and symptoms may appear more prominent. It is also important to remember that everyone heals differently. As for all of our services that require healing time, during this time we recommend eating a nutrient dense diet and avoiding junk food, inflammatory foods and alcohol. 

During healing it is recommended to follow these helpful tips to achieve your best desired results:

  • Use cleansing face wipes and q-tips to avoid the treatment areas.

  • To make your life easier and help avoid getting the scabs wet or soggy during showering, we recommend taking a bath and dipping your head back or going to a salon and getting your hair washed and taking body showers.

  • We also recommend editing your workout routine to avoid sweating in the brow area and making the scab wet. If the area does get wet for any reason, pat dry very gently with a soft clean towel or tissue.


  • The scabbing of the tattooed area is a very crucial part of the healing process. It is very important that you allow the scab to fall off naturally and on its own. NO PICKINGIl Your skin will know when its ready to slough the scab off.

  • When the scab does fall off naturally, it may appear that the tattoo is gone or that the area is just blank skin. This is totally normal, but rest assured the tattoo strokes will return within the 6 week healing period. Anything that is still appearing faint will be addressed at the 6 week follow-up appointment. We just want to make sure you give your skin the full time it needs to heal completely before making any adjustments.


  • Touchup appointments are required for optimal results for any permanent makeup procedure.

  • Your first follow-up appointment is included in the initial procedure cost. Additional touchup appointments may or may not be necessary, but will be a cost of $350 per appointment if desired by customer*

** A $50 referral credit can be applied to this cost for clients that book a service **

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