Plasma Pen Pre & Post Care



Before your treatment:

  • Avoid any kind of tanning (spray tanning, tanning injections sun tanning and tanning beds) for 2-4 weeks before your treatment.

Immediately Following Treatment

  • You may experience a “stinging” sensation in the treated area(s) immediately after treatment. This is normal subsides fairly quickly.

  • Do NOT cleanse or wet the treated area for as long as possible.                             

The Days After Your Treatment:

  • It is normal for the area that has been treated to be red/pink, swollen and feel tight and dry.

  • Tiny crusts will quickly form on the treated area. These may be visible for up to about a week.

  • Do NOT pick crusts off a this will delay the healing process and could cause hyperpigmentation and scarring.

  • The area(s) treated may be cleansed with room temperature water and your fingers. However, it is very important the area does not stay wet. You want to get the area wet as little as possible and pat dry immediately following encounter with water. Avoid using washcloths or any other washing devices.

  • Do not exfoliate.

  • Do NOT stand with your face under a hot shower for the first 7-10 days. 

  • Once the scabs have fallen off (approximately 7 days), your skin may be a little pink. You may begin to apply your normal Makeup, Sunblock, mild skin care and avoid using skincare products containing glycolic, salicylic/retinoic/AHA/scrubs/Clarisonic or any other active exfoliating ingredients/devices for at least 21 days as this will cause irritation. ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE-UP UNTIL SCABS HAVE FALLEN OFF.

  • Avoid sun exposure. Once the scabs have fallen off, you must wear a physical sunblock ( zinc and titanium) and a hat while your skin is in the healing stages ( pink in color) and you should continue to do so for at least the next 12 weeks to avoid hyperpigmentation.

  • Do NOT sunbath/sun tanning beds for 10-12 weeks post procedure.

  • Do NOT have any other facial treatments in the same treatment area while your skin is healing ( 6-10 weeks).

  • Do NOT wax treat area for at least 6 weeks. If you are receiving Plasma Pen treatment anywhere around the eyes, we suggest waiting the full 12 weeks. It will be OK to tweeze or thread any unwanted hairs after scabs have fallen off the area.

Other Important Aftercare Advice and Tips

  • Ask your skin care specialist for which medical grade products will enhance and maintain your plasma pen investment.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for optimal healing and results.

  • – DON’T eat inflammatory food including seed oils (like canola oil and sunflower oil), processed sugars and grains, alcohol, junk food, soda, caffeine, iodized salt.

  • – DO drink 1/2-1 gallon of water a day, nutrient dense diet of fruits, veggies, bone broth, organic meat. 

  • On top of the immediate rejuvenation, lifting and tightening effects you’ll likely experience from Plasma Pen, it takes 8-12 weeks for the full effects of your treatment to be seen.

  • If additional treatments are required, it will be necessary to wait until the skin complete heals in about 12 weeks.

  • Schedule a follow up appointment for 3 months from treatment to evaluate progress.

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