Tight & Glow in Denver, CO

Tight & Glow

Tight & Glow, an exquisite skincare experience, is a meticulously crafted fusion of advanced aesthetic techniques designed to invigorate and rejuvenate your skin. This dynamic combination involves a 1-hour 15-minute session, seamlessly merging the potency of Venus Freeze skin tightening with the finesse of a Dermaplane facial. 

Tight & Glow in Denver, CO

The ultimate goal is to stimulate profound collagen while delicately exfoliating lifeless skin cells and eliminating vellus hair. A remarkable feature of this treatment lies in its ability to achieve these effects without any downtime, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an immediate boost in radiance.

This distinctive duo operates to deliver outstanding outcomes. Venus Freeze uses cutting-edge technology to promote collagen synthesis at a deep level, resulting in tightened and revitalized skin. Simultaneously, the Dermaplane facial gently exfoliates, ridding the skin of its dull outer layer and vellus hair, thus enhancing the overall texture and appearance. Visible improvements can often be observed shortly after the treatment. The skin appears tighter, smoother, and more vibrant, reflecting the collagen boost and refined exfoliation. We invite you to experience Tight & Glow at Timeless Laser in Denver, CO., and witness the transformation and revel in the lasting radiance that Tight & Glow can provide.


  • 1 hour 15 minutes $275

The Benefits of Tight & Glow:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tight & Glow suits individuals seeking collagen stimulation, improved skin texture, and enhanced radiance. It addresses concerns like sagging skin, fine lines, and dull complexion.

No, there is no downtime with Tight & Glow. You can resume your regular and day-to-day activities immediately after the session.

A series of sessions is usually recommended to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. The exact number may vary based on individual skin conditions and goals.

Some improvements are noticeable shortly after the treatment, but the best results become more apparent over several sessions.

With consistent maintenance and a proper skincare routine, the results of Tight & Glow can be prolonged, offering enduring radiance.

While there are no strict post-treatment requirements, it’s advisable to follow the skin care professional’s instructions to optimize and maintain results.

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