Unveiling the Harsh Reality: The Key Reason Your Results Aren’t Lasting

One of the questions we are always asked is, “how long will my results last?” and the truth is, that isn’t always up to us. We offer some incredible treatments like CO2 Resurfacing, Injectables, and the Rocky Mountain Revamp that promise lasting results – and we are obsessed with them! But whether you’re resurfacing your skin or just stopping in for a quick Chemical Peel, maintenance is up to you!

Here are some key factors that hinder your success when it comes to maintaining results.

  1. SKIN PICKING – If you are on a journey to healthy skin, doing your own extractions is never a good idea. Whether you think the blemish needs to be handled or you have a nervous habit, keeping your hands OFF your face will prevent further damage and allow your treatment to do its job! If you struggle with blemishes that seem ready to pop, try these pimple patches to do the job without the damage!
  2. SKINCARE ROUTINE It’s no surprise that we advocate for a solid skincare routine. The reason? Your results are much more predictable! If you don’t use quality skincare products, you could be applying ingredients that cause damage to your skin. These products may be highly affordable, but the price is reflected in the ingredient quality.
  3. CONSISTENCY No matter the treatment, you will continue to age after your service. Our skin is built to protect us, not be flawless forever! If you move forward with a round of services but don’t come back for maintenance, your results won’t last. A realistic timeline for something like Microneedling for anti-aging would be:
  • 3 x Microneedle sessions within 6 months
  • 1 – 3x Facial services minimum (like a Dermaplane) within 24 months
  • 1 annual Microneedle for maintenance

If you’re ready to see lasting results, it’s time to commit to maintenance! Our experts can help you build a treatment plan that fits your goals, your budget, and most importantly: YOUR SKIN!

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