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Where do we start? There are so many questions to be answered. So many thoughts and experiences to be shared. There are new technologies, modalities and machines coming out every day. Celebrities are being paid to promote “magic creams” and your favorite social media influencers are tearing down your go-to drugstore cleanser in their latest TikTok video.

With the overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation for that matter) you’re inundated with, how could you know who or what to trust?

“What is the best way to spend my monthly beauty budget?”

“What products are actually going to change my skin?”

“How am I supposed to decide between treatments?”

Are these questions constantly running through your mind? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Timeless Laser is built on the experience of experts. Over the last 7 years, we’ve tried it all and done it all when it comes to services, treatments, and products. Everyone on our team has gained so much real-life experience and it’s time we share those lessons with you!

Through this fabulous blog on our new Youtube Channel, Timeless Takeover, we’ll be discussing all the ins, outs, mistakes, and myths we’ve encountered along the way. While we’re on the subject of MYTHS… let’s talk about Laser Hair Removal!

If you’re a laser gal, then you know what we’re talking about! If you’re not… girl, you better jump on the wagon! Shaving really is a thing of the past. Did you know over 2 billion plastic razors and razor refills are thrown away every YEAR?! That’s insane- and that’s just in the U.S. alone! Our girls shave about once a month and the few hairs that do grow are very thin and soft. The average person shaving every 1-2 days uses 40-50 razors a year, while we use maybe 2! We don’t know about you, but the waste alone makes the switch to Laser Hair Removal worth it. Besides the obvious benefit of not having to shave as frequently, you can say goodbye to planning around your shaving needs!

Packing a razor on vacation? Yeah right!

5 o’clock shadow? What’s that??

Laser Hair Removal will rid your body of regrowth in most cases for up to 3 months!

Not to mention Laser Hair Removal stops folliculitis, ingrowns, and breakouts caused by razor burn & old blades. No one wants to be wearing that new bikini with razor burn coming out of the bottom. While Laser Hair Removal is amazing, we remind all of our clients that it is a commitment. When it comes to flawless results, consistency and maintenance are non-negotiable. The most common question we’re asked is,

“How many Laser Hair Removal treatments do I need before the hair is all gone?”

Followed by…

“But the clinic around the corner said 6 treatments and it would be gone??”

and our favorite…

“There’s a spa down the street that offers unlimited sessions for a year for $100!”

Trust us. We have heard it all. And we seem to be the only ones here to tell you the full, factual, absolute truth about Laser Hair Removal.

There is not a single laser on the planet that will give you complete & permanent hair removal after x amount of treatments. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, your hair type, hair color, time of year, or astrological sign. There is no laser that will make your hair go away completely forever. None. End of story. It doesn’t exist. We have treated over 3,000 clients and we ourselves have been personally treated, some of us over the course of 15 years. We’ve come into contact with at least 10 different Laser Hair Removal devices. We have bought $100 Groupon packages to $1000 Laser Hair Removal memberships at “the best” spas in Cherry Creek.

We have invested in one of the most amazing Laser Hair Removal devices on the market, the Venus Velocity, and we are proud to say that we always strive to achieve mind blowing and life changing results. Results we simply wouldn’t be able to achieve without this perfectly curated device. And still, maintenance treatments are required.

Just like any other aesthetic treatment, some people respond better than others to Laser Hair Removal treatments (light skin and dark course hair being the most ideal candidate). That being said, every single client will need a specific treatment plan and maintenance treatments. Did you hear us in the back? Every client will need maintenance treatments FOREVER to maintain their laser hair removal results. But don’t despair! At Timeless Laser, we have created a one-size-fits-most treatment plan. Among the several hundred clients we treat each month, there are a few who require a more curated treatment. And that’s okay! It’s one of the reasons we only employ experts so there isn’t a client out there we can’t work with. We also often exceed a client’s expectations before they finish their initial treatment plan. A typical treatment plan looks like: 6-10 treatments in the first year, with treatments typically spaced 4 weeks apart. Following the first year of consistent treatments, 2-4 treatments a year are required to maintain results. But hey, that’s up to an hour of your life per year to maintain your Brazilian. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?And ladies, this is also assuming you don’t get pregnant (yes, the rumors are true). You can’t get Laser Hair Removal while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. And yes, the hair often comes back almost as thick as before you started. This is mostly because you can miss an entire 2 years of treatments, on top of your hormonal shift during this period! Without consistency and maintenance, your results won’t last. Don’t be discouraged! Hair is weird. Our bodies do strange things. Our bodies want to have hair. Our bodies can heal a damaged hair follicle just like it heals other injuries. Our hormones change constantly, which impacts hair growth (especially in women). Hair follicles are either in an active state or a dormant state. These follicles are never in the same state all at once, nor do they operate on any known or specified simultaneous cycle. At any given time thousands of follicles could be lying dormant. A follicle must be active with a hair growing out of it, pigmented enough for a laser to be drawn to it for the treatment to affect that specific follicle. The science is amazing, but it’s not always convenient. We can only hope that after a specific follicle is damaged several times, over several treatments, over several months, that it will eventually stop producing a hair. Now think about that process with thousands and thousands of hair follicles all over your body. It seems nearly impossible to rid your body of 100% of its hair forever through a short term process of Laser Hair Removal. Don’t you agree? We know, some of you may be disappointed. We wish we didn’t have to burst the bubble that so many live in, thinking they’re going to be 100% hair free after 6 months of starting their Laser Hair Removal process because someone at another spa lied to them. You should be happy that you now know the truth! The myth has been debunked. There is no laser that will make all of your hair go away forever. Even if your friend said she had 6 treatments and hasn’t shaved in a year. That’s amazing! We’ve heard it a hand full of times in our practice and unfortunately for the rest of us, they are just lucky. It wasn’t the laser or their magic aesthetician. We promise. The good news is… now your ready to make an educated decision on whether or not Laser Hair Removal is right for you! You can start the process knowing exactly the steps to take to achieve the long lasting results you want. Amongst all things, be realistic with your expectations. Assuming you’re an ideal candidate you should achieve substantial and long lasting hair reduction. Be consistent, don’t miss your appointments, listen to your providers’ treatment plan, and by all means do your research. Choose a clinic with knowledgeable providers and state of the art equipment, who will tell you the truth and treat you like a valuable client. And when you inevitably land back on Timeless Laser, we’ll save an appointment for you.

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